We fabricate and install mechanical parts, and in doing so we conform to all relevant technical and safety standards. Our construction activities in the areas of steel and stainless steel works include: Pipeline networking for the transfer of fluids.
Vertical and horizontal storage tanks, silos and piping.
Warehouses and hangars
Construction and installation of fire hydrant systems.
Fabrication and erection of steel girders.
Sand blasting and painting
leakage repairs and pipe wrapping
crude oil and water storage tanks
walkways, platforms and steel staircase


We provide services in the area of Electrical Engineering, from designs through installation to maintenance and repairs. We have skilled and experienced engineers who are capable of handling these:

Electrical system designs / controls.
Electrical installation for all types of building and structures (residential, commercial, warehouses, substations, factories.
Rural electrification projects, including transformer installations and Servicing.

Installation of high voltage commercial, industrial and oilfield projects
safety Electrical Systems for oil installations
Design and installation of power distribution systems, switch boards/electrical panels

We also supply, install, connect, test and commission instrument systems, both pneumatic and electrical as well as calibration of meters, controllers, gauges, transmitters and switches.
Afribnet Global Services Ltd also supplies quality electrical parts.


We help our client achieve a timely, economical, and quality controlled construction. We provide qualitative and satisfying services in the following areas:

  • Design and construction of all types of new buildings – offices, residential, commercial, institutional, etc.
  • Conversion, extension, alteration, refurbishment, office layout planning and construction.
  • Retainership for the purpose of regular and planned maintenance.
  • Construction of light civil engineering works such as culverts, drainages, estate roads, paving and parking.
  • Design & Construction of Reinforced concrete and steel structures like control rooms, substations, warehouses, factories, hangars, walkways, pipe racks, pipe sleepers and supports provision.


  • Providing General Construction, Construction Management & Development Services throughout Nigeria.
  • Complete Management of jobsite and overall project control
  • Good Relationships with Owners, Developers, General Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Design, Survey and Planning Studies
  • Scheduling Cost and Material Control
  • conceptual facility development, facility construction, facility refurbishment,
  • Fabrication and Yard Management.
  • Development/Construction oversight.
  • Launching, Installation and Maintenance.